Arena 2


Arena’s NPCs

This was the second edition of the Arena, the illustration and conceptual art project that seeks to provide a direct involvement between 2 Minds and our audience on the social network Facebook. In this edition we accepted more participants, creating eight teams with doubles! We also added NPCs to this social media game, they were used to explain the rules and to be “our voice” in the official website. We maintained the original concept of the first Arena, that of us doing the illustrations by following the text descriptions conceptualized by the participants. This way we could imagine each character as we desired.

This edition was a lot bigger. We created new mechanics with “experience points” going to each team based on their popularity on the social network. Also new battle poses, a whole project lore, official website guidelines with a premium Hall of Fame and everything else. It was a great experience! We developed more our illustration skills and got the chance to illustrate original characters based on our fan’s ideas.